Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anak pokok tin arcipel (red australia) untuk dijual rm140

Anak pokok buah tin utk dijual
Baka ARCHIPEL (red Australia)

Umur 2 bulan
Akar dah kukuh

Baka yang rajin berbuah dan sgt tahan lasak dgn cuaca panas dan hujan di malaysia.

Baka yg mudah di jaga dan di tanam.

2 bulan start berbuah

Harga rm140 siap pos

Hubungi sy  016-7577559
                     Telefon  /message/whatapps

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  1. Salam alaik...saya dari penang...kalau benih fig ada lagi saya nak order sepokok...ni alamat email saya ruz07ghazali@gmail.com. ...tq

    1. Dear Tanahsejuk!

      First I would like to present myself a little bit. I am writting from Hungary, and My name Krisztian Balogh. I am an amateur fig grower, and gardener.
      Here in Hungary I grow ordinary fruits like apples, plums and others.

      I started to grow figs about 2 years ago. Here I grow 3 local varieties, and this year I got some cuttings from another countries, but they are very young.

      Here the climate is nearly ideal, for the fig growing. The summers are enough warm to get ripenned fruit from the tree. Our problem is the hard winters, cause we sometimes have colder temperatures than -15C, so the figs are freezing to the ground, in every 2 or 3rd year.

      Now I am looking for hardier varieties. I see you have the rare Uzbek yellow variety. I am very interested in this variety. And I'd like to know more abou this cultivar for example Taste, ripenning time?
      And I would be interested in trade, but for this year I only have 3 unknown variety, but I have more little plant and if you send me some cuttings this years I CAN SEND you the double amount.